Our Story

Meet Barbara Streckfus, the driving force behind A Space For Everything.

Barbara has loved to organize and decorate from a very young age. As a child, she particularly enjoyed decorating the top of her dresser with her favorite trinkets, and her bed with stuffed animals and throw pillows.

Because she shared a bedroom with her sister, she created ways to utilize her small, restricted space advantageously to display her treasures, while an older brother's repeated attacks on her displays forced her to reorganize and redecorate - an ongoing lesson in design!

Barbara's love of organizing really flourished during her career as an early education teacher. She created systems for organizing classroom supplies, paperwork, toys and other belongings, and encouraged the children to put their toys away when finished. It seemed she had a knack for demonstrating simply and clearly to the kids how much nicer the play space was when organized, and how their frustration disappeared when they knew where their favorite toys could be found.

One day in 1997, a substitute teacher came into Barbara's classroom and, upon discovering her organized cupboards and the systems she had created, exclaimed, "You ought to be a professional organizer!"

From that "Ah hah!" moment on, Barbara worked hard, training with other professional organizers, honing her organizing skills, until, in 2004, A Space For Everything was born.

In over ten years as a professional organizer, Barbara has helped many families, couples, individuals, and businesses organize and design their homes and office spaces.

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Barbara Streckfus